Paying it forward Series:  Go with your instincts


Since starting in Real Estate Investing I have found that I am able to rely on my intuition more and more with every deal that I do.  Our minds are generally hardwired to analyze and process complex situations based on preexisting experience and knowledge so that we automatically have that feeling of what is right and wrong when it comes to decision making.  This instinct starts off subconsciously with our mind soaking up data and filing it away, but is then technically and purposefully developed when combined with ambition, education and exposure.


IdeaReal Estate Investing has some very interesting aspects to it, because of its foothold in both the logical and emotional aspects of decision making.  We can best see examples of this when interviewing potential joint venture partners or vendors.  Their decisions are not only based in the facts and numbers placed in front of them but what vibe or feeling the person they are working for gives them.  How do they make them feel, can they trust in that offer and by extension the person who is making the offer to them. 


Although that seems natural enough, and indeed this is common place today, it is important to know that our minds have difficulty identifying whether or not the decisions we are making are done so in a rational or emotional state.  The influx of information that is being input to memory subconsciously is done so more through the feeling it evokes rather than anything reasonable and based in fact.  So when a person is asked consciously what their opinion on a topic is,  the mind will push for a logical response - but the reasoning behind that is almost always an emotional one and an instinct being put into motion.  You have probably heard someone say "This house has good energy." or "It feels like home."  It is my belief that that is your subconscious trying to steer you in a positive direction.

Remember, the more knowledge you retain and experiences you gain, the stronger your instincts will become and it will become ideal to heed that intuition as it is what will often lead you in the direction of success before your rational mind comes to the same conclusion.