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Family Investors:


James and Jennifer Dmytriw are a young couple who are involved in the real estate investment business. They want to change the world.


JenJamesJames’ educational background includes a degree in Environmental Design, specializing in Landscape and Urbanism from the faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. He is also extremely involved in Building Science and Building Envelope Construction and is passionate about helping homeowners reduce energy consumption across Canada and the world.  He is a professional Energy Evaluator and a Home Inspector. Currently, James is involved in the affordable energy program with Manitoba Hydro where he goes to applicant’s houses and evaluates the houses for eligibility. 

Jennifer is an MRI tech and has a degree from the University of Winnipeg in Biology as well as diplomas in Radiological Technology and Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy. She is passionate about design and helping people. Jennifer loves painting, reading and keeping up with changes in the design world. When interacting her patients and clients she likes to fully explain procedures and make sure everyone is comfortable. 


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James Dmytriw